Truck Shutters

Truckshutter1 Small


An Able Truck Shutter can turn an ordinary work vehicle into a mobile workshop. Truck shutters are an attractive way to add security to your vehicle. They allow easy access to compartments and keep all tools and equipment neat and tidy.
The smooth, flat curtain allows an easy surface for sign-writing or company decals.

Rear of Pantech type trucks, all-purpose delivery trucks and removalist trucks, to name a few. Side compartments for easy access to equipment and storage areas.


Extruded Aluminium
Slat pitch: 40mm
Slat thickness: 1.2mm


Roller – 2000mm wide x 2000mm high
Sliding Tool Box – 1500mm wide x 1200mm high


Rolling or Sliding Toolbox shutters


The bottom rail is made up of T section, comprising of not less than 40mm x 40mm x 4mm steel angle.


Extruding aluminium slats in 40mm profile with nylon end clips. Tracks available in aluminium or steel. Aluminium bottom rail fitted with a rubber weather seal.


Shutters come in galvanized finish as standard and can be powdercoated in a wide range of colours.


Slidebolt locks or Over centre lock systems.